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IL injury lawyerPremise accidents can happen anywhere. From a friends’ home to the grocery store, if a person is injured while on the property of another, they can file for a personal injury claim. The most common premise accidents are slips and falls, but a person may also have a case after a dog bite, fire, or swimming pool injury. There are many reasons why a person may fall, but the key to a personal injury lawsuit is proving negligence.

What Is Negligence?

Although a property owner may not purposely cause harm to a person, if an accident could have been prevented, they may be considered negligent. Negligence is having the opportunity to fix an issue, such as a broken stair, but not following through. If a property owner is aware of an issue, they have the minimum obligation to put a warning up. For example, a wet floor sign is considered an adequate warning if surfaces are slippery inside a store after a rainstorm. If a person falls due to a medical condition, such as fainting, they would not likely be able to sue the property owner because there was no negligence involved on their part.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20% of all falls lead to serious injuries. Even tripping over an exposed wire could lead to a broken bone or head injury. That being said, most falls do not end with an injury that requires hospitalization. However, the ones that do can cause stress like not being able to go to work and getting expensive medical bills. This can negatively affect not only the individual victim but their family too.

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Aurora personal injury attorneysThe holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, and the last thing on your mind should be a personal injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even during the most wonderful time of the year. Tripping or falling over Christmas lights of your own doing is one thing, but what if your injury is caused by the negligence of someone else?

What is Negligence?

Negligence is when a person could have done something to prevent an unfortunate outcome but did not, either due to ignorance or laziness. For example, if a store owner refuses to clean up a spill and someone ends up getting hurt, the injured party is considered a victim of negligence.

Most Common Injuries During the Christmas Season

During 2011 through 2015, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported over 1,700 Christmas related injuries in 100 hospitals. Here are a collection of those common Christmas injuries.

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Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Workplace

Kane County sexual assault injury lawyerSexual assault is an experience that no one wants to go through, and victims of assault will experience a great deal of emotional and physical pain. Sexual assault and harassment are a major concern in the workplace, and if an individual has experienced this type of unacceptable behavior, they should understand that they are not alone and take steps to address the situation. 

What Constitutes Sexual Assault in the Workplace?

Sexual assault takes place when one person tries to engage in sexual activity without the consent of the other person. This type of assault can happen in the workplace at any time, and should always be taken seriously. If a person touches another coworker in a sexual manner, even over the clothes, this is considered sexual assault that should be reported. 

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Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

Oswego nursing home neglect attorneyYou should always take your time when viewing potential nursing homes for your loved one. Observing the general emotional state of the patients and the physical condition of the facility is imperative in ensuring you choose a nursing home that will take care of your loved one well. However, when your family member is living in a nursing facility, it can be sometimes difficult to ascertain whether abuse or neglect have occurred and resulted in your loved one suffering from an illness or ailment. The following are some general signs of abuse or neglect that you should look out for in a nursing home:

  1. Observe the physical conditions of the facility. If the nursing home you are visiting is consistently dirty and smells foul, consider looking for a new facility. 
  1. Look for signs of any pain your loved one is experiencing. Bruises could occur because of abuse or a fall which happened due to insufficient supervision. 
  1. Watch out for any weight loss. This could be a sign of inattentiveness to your loved one’s eating habits or diet. 
  1. The inattentiveness of nursing home staff members can also lead to your loved ones developing bed sores. These sores can occur if a person is unable to get out of bed, move, or turn over, causing them to remain in the same position for a long time.
  1. Look out for emotional abuse, such as being ignored. This type of treatment may cause a resident to experience a change in their mood, sleeping patterns, weight, or appetite. 
  1. Nursing home staff members should be ready to answer any questions you have. If the staff are not responding to your questions or are deflecting them, then you should take that as a warning sign. 
  1. If the nursing home is often understaffed or the staff often seems frantic, then you should take that as another warning sign. An adequate number of staff members is important to ensure that residents are taken care of and given an appropriate amount of attention.
  1. Residents should never feel uncomfortable or anxious about staff members. If your loved one does not want a certain staff member to serve them without being able to express a reason, that staff member may be treating them poorly.  

Contact a Kane County Personal Injury Lawyer 

Your loved ones deserve to be taken care of and treated well during the final years of their life. If your family member has experienced any form of neglect or abuse while receiving treatment at a nursing facility, the attorneys of Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C. are committed to helping you obtain compensation for the damages which they have suffered. Contact a Naperville nursing home abuse lawyer at 630-907-0909 to schedule a free consultation. 

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Aurora personal injury attorneyIn any Illinois personal injury case—a car accident, a workplace mishap, or a bicyclist or motorcyclist injury crash—there is one person who is repeatedly made a focal point of the injured victim’s case: the “reasonable person.” The victim’s entire case for compensation often rests on what this “reasonable person” would have done in the same situation. If a judge or jury believes the allegedly negligent defendant acted in the same manner as the reasonable person would have acted, then the injury victim’s case will fail. Conversely, if the defendant is determined to have behaved in a manner at odds with the how the reasonable person would have behaved, then the defendant will be found to have acted negligently and may be held responsible for the injured plaintiff’s losses.

Characteristics of the Reasonable Person

The reasonable person in personal injury cases is fictitious—he or she does not actually exist. Nonetheless, there are several characteristics about the reasonable person that are worth noting:

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defective products, Aurora personal injury attorneysCar seats go through a number of safety tests to ensure they keep infants safe during an accident. Unfortunately, defective car seats still make their way onto store shelves and put children’s lives at risk. The latest recall includes approximately 71,000 Britax B-Safe 35 and B-Safe 35 Elite infant car seats and travel systems. The risk involves the potential cracking or breaking of the carrier handle, which can pose a fall or injury risk to infants.

Understanding the Risk

Most parents opt for infant carriers during the first few months to make carrying infants in and out of the car easier. Generally, it is the carrier’s handle that makes this ease of movement possible. Unfortunately, the Britax company has received 74 reports of fractured, cracked, or broken  handles – all of which occurred while the car seat was in use. In one, an infant allegedly suffered a bump to the head when the carrier fell to the ground.

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construction site accidents, Aurora personal injury attorneysOut of all industries, construction is considered to be one of the most dangerous for workers and for the general public. In fact, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration attributes around 20 percent of all fatal workplace injuries to the construction injuries. Nonfatal injuries are also much more common among construction workers. The general public is, in turn, often put at risk because of the accidents that cause workplace injuries and fatalities to workers. To reduce the occurrence and risks to all, one Canadian study suggests the use of union workers.  

Construction Worker Deaths and Injuries in the United States

Within the construction industry, four types of accidents are responsible for 57 percent of all fatalities – falls (responsible for 39 percent of construction fatalities), being caught between objects (2 percent), being struck by an object (10 percent), and electrocution (9 percent). If these four types of injuries were completely eliminated, it would save approximately 435 American lives each and every year.

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slips and falls in winter, Aurora premises liability lawyerAt least two people in Illinois recently experienced an injury because of slick, snowy, or icy outdoor surfaces. Sadly, it is an all-too common issue each winter. In fact, at least one-third of all workers’ compensation claims during the winter months are attributed to slips or falls on ice or snow; this does not even begin to account for premises liability incidents of non-employees. Keep yourself safe an accident-free the remainder of the winter season with the following tips on preventing slips, trips, and falls on ice or snow.

Wear the Right Gear

When outdoor surfaces are slick, opt for shoes or boots with rough textures, such as waffling or ridging. If dress shoes are necessary for work or an event, change into them once you are indoors and no longer at risk of falling on icy or snowy surfaces. Additionally, it is important to remember to clean your shoes before walking indoors; caked-on ice or snow can become hazardous on non-carpeted indoor surfaces.

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